Wednesday, December 31, 2008




DATE: 9-11 JANUARY 2009
TIME: 10.30 AM - 9.30 PM

50,000 YOUTHS


What is YOUTH'09 all about?
YOUTH'09 is Malaysia’s largest youth lifestyle event. A 3 day festival that is held from the 9th-11th January at the Putra World Trade Centre that brings together youth communities from all over Malaysia for a range of exciting activities.

Who is Youth ’09 for?
YOUTH'09 is mainly directed to youths but it caters to everyone from all of backgrounds and age. That means YOU!

What kind of activities will be there be in YOUTH'09?
Since the theme to YOUTH'09 is “Malaysia’s Largest Youth Lifestyle Revolution”, you would be able to participate in over 100 activities involving fashion, dance, music, entrepreneurship, personal growth, career and other youth interests.

Is there an entry fee involved?
The only price to pay is your transportation cost to the venue! No, the event is FREE!


How can I be a part of YOUTH'09?

YOUTH'09's official online community. Join in the discussions, provide feedback and ideas and you can influence the running of YOUTH'09!
You can also browse through the
activities page and sign up as participants for some of the events. More sign ups will be open soon!
For other sponsorship, partner, or media,
contact us now or call us directly at 03-80233352.

What makes this event bigger than last year's?
We had our first event, which was YOUTH’08, that hosted over 100 exciting youth activities. YOUTH’08 attracted over 20,000 youth participants early in January 2008. This time round, YOUTH'09 would be held at a much bigger hall which is about 14,693 sq meters floor space.

How would the event benefit me personally?
Previous participants have described the event to be exciting, beneficial and revolutionary. Participants of YOUTH'09 will witness a massive gathering of youths with diversified interests – breakdancers, bloggers, budding entrepreneurs, gamers, musicians – exchanging ideas and stories.

How would the event benefit me if I want to sponsor?
We’ll provide a booth and space for you to promote your business that must be somewhat related to youths. As we’re already providing the platform for you, the space with the people, the rest of it is up to you.

I would like to be involved as a company;
can I just sponsor something smaller if I can’t sponsor the entire event?

Of course you can, you can sponsor just 1 activity or 10 activities if you like. Do call us at 03-80233352 up for more information or if you would like to book a place.

Who are the companies already onboard supporting this event?
YOUTH'09 is jointly organized by Persatuan Pemuda Negara Malaysia, YouthMalaysia, and The Youth Intelligence. YOUTH'09’s partners include Rakan Muda, 8TV, AIESEC Malaysia, Animax, Fly FM, Hai Magazine, Hot FM, Jazzercise,, Macro Kiosk, Malaysian Today, Mangga, Mangga TV, Nuffnang, Wanita, Don't Panic, Remix, Utusan Karya, Sports Planet, Innity, MIRC Incubator, Utusan, Kosmo, and Friendster.

What if I have other questions?
Feel free to contact us now or call us directly at 03-80233352.

Together, we will make this the biggest youth lifestyle celebration Malaysia has ever seen! ;)


cheers :)
enjoy life while you still can


1. People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any questions that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

2. Tag 5 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse.These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by.
Continue this game by sending it to other people.
[[ * PART 1 * ]]
1. Are you allowed to have a bf/gf?
2. Describe urself in one word.
3. Who would you pick, someone who really loves you, or the one you love?
4. Have you ever loved someone BEFORE but never had the courage to tell him/her? ***WELL, I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE GIRL WHO DARES TO MAKE HER FIRST MOVE
5. Does it feel good to love?
6. What's the best thing to do with the one you love?
7. What will you say to someone who doesn't want to believe you?
8. Was there ever a time that you tried to learn to love someone?
9. Ever feel jealous of anybody?
10. What can you say about playboys/playgirls?

[[ * PART 2 * ]]

1. Best place to cry
2. Who do you love the most
3. How old were you when you started to read?
***3 and A HALF YEARS
4. Ever hated someone so bad?
5. The biggest lie you have heard

6. LAST PERSON... you cursed?
7. LAST PERSON... you talked to?
8. LAST PERSON... you went to the movies with?
9. LAST PERSON... you hugged?
10.LAST PERSON... you yelled at?
11.LAST PERSON... you said goodbye to?

12. If you could do anything OR wish anything, wad would it be?

13. If you could have an all expense paid trip, where will you go?

14. Would you or have you ever blackmailed someone?

15. Are you old fashioned?

16. What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them back?

17. What thing would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?

5 Facts About Me:

5 Things in Your WishList:
1) VIOS!

7 "FIRST" in My Life:

7 Words I Always Use:
1) WELL..
2) I SEE.
5) I KNOW, BUT...


Monday, December 22, 2008

minggu-minggu terakhir cuti yang amat penat...

minggu lepas aku kerja tanpa rehat. abes je kerja, terus gerak dari GIS ke Sri Pentas untuk briefing Karnival JomHeboh Bukit Jalil. briefing tu, pada perancangan awalnya patut start at 7.30 pm. tapi biasalah.. masanya pun tak begitu sesuai, i would say.. sebab orang terkejar2 nk solat.. aku pulak terkejar2 nak gerak dari Hartamas. tapi TV3 ada sediakan surau, jadi tak sepatutnya lambat. haih~ entahlah. i hate to say this.. tapi semua orang pun tahu.. JanjiMelayu.

2 hari berturut2 aku berpanas kat Stadium Bukit Jalil. aku dengan Qurratu pilih booth Woman@TV3.. at first, since this is the first time i actually go to JomHeboh (sebelum ni tak sanggup berpanas hanya utk tengok celebrities) aku expect yg datang tu mestilah pengacara WHI. tapi aku tak expect yang sebenarnya WOman@TV3 ni merangkumi drama2nya sekali. so ada lah actors and actresses from SpaQ (Fazren, Nisha, Little Erin), Puteri Salju (Fizo Omar).. then ada Anita Baharom, Kenchana Dewi a.k.a Kamala (sekadar menyebut beberapa nama).. ada lah beberapa lagi.

it was quite hard for me to recognize them, except for the artists that have been in the industry for a while. tapi aku serius tak kenal Fizo Omar. maybe because i did not watch Puteri Salju. Fazli Zainal (tidak kesampaian... cinta kita...) was there too, tapi i tak recognize sebab dia baru shaved. bila Qurra cakap barulah i was like "Oooh.. dia ke?" haha~

macamanalah aku nk kenal. i'm very bad at names. susah nk ingat nama orang kalau bukan kenalan rapat. i always secretly repeat my frens' names so i can remember. ramai yang tak perasan, tapi aku selalu tersalah panggil orang especially kalau orang yg baru kenal. sebab tu kalau jawab phone kat GIS kena pegang pen. macam hari tu, nama dia Evelyn, aku panggil Yvonne. jauh kan? pastu ada nama dia Kim, aku ingat Peck Ha. terbalik2.

back to JomHeboh, masa ni lah kita boleh tengok perangai celebrities. if we stand in the audiences' crowd, kita masih nampak the celebrities as who they are on TV. but when we stand there as a crew, hmmm.... wallahualam, hanya DIA yang mengerti. ada yang memang friendly and down-to-earth.. ada yang ingat dirinya sangat hot. i wouldn't say who's who.. but pikirlah sendiri. kalau mau tahu, joinlah myTV3! :P

tapi yang memenangi trofi di hatiku adalah Ifa Raziah. very humble dan friendly. not too demanding and easy to work with. yang lain tu ok, tapi ramai yang baru. so they should behave well.. nnt kena boycott. tapi Ifa Raziah walaupun popular tetap sederhana. two thumbs up!

to those who acted as if you are the most popular celeb... nothing lasts forever, baby!

pengalaman di Jom Heboh memang tak boleh dibeli di mana-mana. aku seronok kerja dengan krew2 TV3 yang friendly and warm. awal2 datang aku takut2 jugak sebab tak pernah kerja untuk such big event. tapi diorang faham dan diorang pandai buat kitorang rasa dialu-alukan. thank you, Kak Ida, Nita, Zheff, Ariff, Zul and Khal from Khal Hair Saloon, crews from Life Spa, Ian, Khairi and Encik Halim. Thank you for the opportunity. semoga berjumpa tahun depan!

cheers :)
enjoy life while you still can

p.s: gambar akan diupload secepat mungkin. malas la nk tunggu. haha~ ciao!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


wah~ esok dah start kerja balik. tapi sedih lah sebab i have approximately 2 weeks left with GIS. huhuh. habis lah zaman kaya aku. after this i would have to wait for my scholarship to be banked in. aagh~! kalau cepat tak apa jugak. but i hope tak lambat sangat sebab i tak suka tangguh beli buku.

lately my mom is using a very different approach in communicating with me. she is rather quiet when listening to my stories. and everyday when i come back from work she would ask "did you enjoy your day?". and the same thing is being asked when i come back from anywhere. for example, yesterday i spent time with my closest frens and when i came back my mom asked "seronok tak tadi?". and i rasa lain betul bila mak tanya macam tu. i feel special :)

yesterday i kena tengok TV1 punya news sebab diorang buat live broadcast from Bukit Jalil for SUA (Sukan Universiti Asia) and my brother happened to be there. some of my frens were there too so i ingat nk tengok la mereka2 ni. tapi sorang pun tak kelihatan kat TV. haha~ and my bro punya bengang sebab camera tak focus kat their crowd, diorang pergi sokong kontinjen Vietnam sebab kebetulan baju sama warna. my bro can be very weird sometimes. haha.

tapi pointnya bukan pasal live broadcast tu.. i ter-imagine what it's like to work in RTM. i'm bonded with the government, remember? haih~

cheers :)
enjoy life while you still can

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ye lah...

baru balik kerja.. aku sibuk betul hari ni. well i tried to keep myself busy. kalau tak nnt i keep on thinking of Tuan Haji and the memories we had together. the funeral was on Sunday and by today i'm supposed to get over the feelings. no matter how much i want him to be by my side, i have to admit that ALLAH loves him more. and he walked away from this world as a good man... so i must face it.

i said something really harsh to somebody last night. probably because i was tired, or i was simply tired of her. not la so harsh but dia memang the kind of person yang taknak mengaku salah. so biar je lah. i malas nk kecoh2. i cakap benda yang betul je. i don't want her to repeat the same mistake. especially in the neighbourhood where people would blame the parents for what the daughter does. benci kan? so i thought maybe i nk bagitau dia to watch her words, her action, tapi alih2 dia kata aku ni bukan kawan yg baik sebab tak support dia. haih~

oklah. aku memang bukan kawan yg baik. kawan kau tu baik, dia backstab kau, dia cakap pasal kau, pasal mak kau depan orang lain, dia mengumpat kau dan senyum depan kau, while i... i do nothing. jadi aku ni memang tak baik. full-damn-stop.

cheers :)
enjoy life while you still can

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ready, Set, Don't Go - Sarah's Version

i came across this song and decided that it can be played on guitar. this is a song by Billy Ray Cyrus featuring his very own daughter Miley Cyrus. when i try to play, i think i should be singing as a female. so, this is the version of mine.

suitable for a girl whose brother, little brother, of loved ones going away for studying, or working, you know, fulfilling his dreams. :) enjoy!

he's got to do what he's got to do
and I've got to like it or not
he's got dreams too big for this town
and he needs to give them a shot
wherever they are

looks like he's all ready to leave
there's nothing left to pack
ain't no room for me in that car
ven if he asked me to tag along
GOD, I got to be strong

he's at the starting line of the rest of his life
as ready as he's ever been
got the hunger and the stars in his eyes
the prize is his to win
he's waiting on my blessings
before he hits that open road
baby, get ready, get set, don't go

looks things are fallen into place
feels like they're fallen apart
I've painted this big smile on my face
to hide my broken heart
if only he knew

this is where I don't say
what I want so bad to say
this is where I want to
but I won't get in the way
of him and his dreams
and spreading his wings

he's at the starting line of the rest of his life
as ready as he's ever been
got the hunger and the stars in his eyes
the prize is his to win
he's waiting on my blessings
before he hits that open road
baby, get ready, get set, please don't go...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Tuan Haji Shafiee Ahmad dalam kenangan

hari ni aku cuti.. meluangkan masa untuk ke rumah Allahyarham petang ni. terdapat sedikit masalah di konsulat, menyebabkan proses membawa jenazah balik tertangguh.. ya ALLAH... lancarkan segalanya untuk mereka.

hari ni aku bangun pagi walaupun tak kerja. sejak kerja aku akan automatik terjaga pukul 6.30am. aku tak terus bangun, tapi termenung sekejap mengingatkan diriku yang Tuan haji sudah tiada. sejak pemergian Tuan Haji aku lebih banyak diam. aku tak suka bersendirian kerana ia akan buat aku berfikir tentang Tuan Haji. i keep myself busy and try not to think.

semalam aku bercakap dengan seorang rakan di telefon. walaupun berbicara dengan linangan air mata, aku rasa lebih lega. lalu aku tahu mana silapku. aku memendam rasa. dan pagi ini, sambil menikmati sarapan aku mengarang curahan ingatanku pada Tuan Haji. semoga dengan berkongsi bersama para pembaca aku akan lebih kuat.

Tuan Haji Shafiee Ahmad... he is always a man with lots of plans. he says the unexpected, he does the unexpected. he is very unpredictable at times. Tuan Haji Shafiee is a man with visions. he knows what he wants and strive to it.

looking back to the first time i met him, he came in late. that was when he introduced the world of photography... and DSLR. i still remember how enthusiastic he was when talking about photography. never at any time i see that sparkle in his old eyes. only during photography class.

when i went to his office to talk about the camera, that was when i discovered that the old, hard-to-impress man was actually the Deputy Dean. yeah, he is very hard to be impressed. before i take my photos to him, i always make sure i show them to other people first. i want to present only the best to him.

and that has taught me that nobody is perfect. he has taught me that life is never easy, the theory we learn cannot always be applied. he taught me to see things in detail, not just the big picture.

many people come in ang go out of my life, but only a few had left memories.
you definitely had left lots of memories in mine...


Thursday, December 4, 2008


datang kita daripada ALLAH, kepada ALLAH juga kita akan kembali.. aku terima hakikat itu namun aku merasakan terlalu cepat Tuan Haji Shafiee pergi. baru beberapa minggu lepas aku berbual dengan Tuan Haji tentang lawatan ke NZ, semasa aku memintanya menjadi saksi perjanjian biasiswa. bergurau tentang jumlah duit yang bakal aku terima dan rancangan2 untuk tahun berikutnya..

itulah Tuan Haji.. full of plans for the students. buat aku sentiasa bersemangat ke kelas. he has a way in dealing with people. he always know what to say. at least what to say to me. i still remember the first time i entered his class. it was PhotoCommunication. he introduced DSLR to us. at first i did not plan to buy; i don't have the bucks. but somehow i can't help thinking about it and Mak was so kind to lend some to me.and there, in my room, my dearest EOS, my darling, my sweetheart which i don't wish to touch at the moment because it reminds me of him.

and the day we spent at TSquare when we bought the camera. i regret that i couldn't join the seminar. i always wanted to see him giving a talk because he also teach us Effective Speaking. but we were asked to wait outside as there were not much space. so we went to the theme park instead. then he told us that actually we could go in. i said "takpe lah Tuan Haji.. maybe next time." without even knowing that there will never be next time for me..

but i feel good as i had always been around him whenever he needed my help. i never said no to his requests. no matter how hectic my schedule is, i always make sure i have time for him. for he is quite similar to my father... as in attitude and mentality. they are both the greatest fathers and they both sing. well, my father sings the loudest. maybe because of the similarities that made me very close to him.

and he always had time for me as well. just send an sms and he would definitely return my call. i always ensure that my performance is up to his standard because i hate to disappoint him. i just can't take things easy when it comes to his subjects, although none of the subjects have final exam. he has faith on me, and i feel special.

Tuan Haji, you will be remembered as somebody who has given me a new perspective in life. you are a man with principles, and you hold on to them. you made me feel special and appreciated everytime you ask for my help. you have helped me discovered a new world to camera lenses. you had taught me how to be a better speaker. you had done so many things, affect every inch of my life, touch the sides of my innerself where nobody had, discovered the "me" deep inside my soul and of your touch, advises, encouragement, knowledge, exposure and experience, i thank you with all my heart. you will be missed.

i will continue this journey without you by my side to answer my questions or criticize my photos. i will have to move on for you might hate me for being sad about your departure. i know you wouldn't want your departure to affect my cheerfulness. losing you is one of the hardest thing i have to face in life.

thank you for the moment, Tuan Haji... and i hereby move on...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

life's like that lah..

sejak dua tiga hari ni aku berbalas email dengan seseorang yang aku baru kenal, tapi dah agak rapat. malah lebih rapat daripada kenalan2 lain. bercerita tentang realiti hidup yang tak seindah coretan novel indah. bercerita tentang sengsara dan derita yang tidak mampu terucap bila berdepan. aku hairan dan kagum dengan semangatnya. kalau aku di tempatnya pasti sudah berendam air mata.

begitulah hidup.. yang kita lihat indah, tak semestinya menggembirakan. yang kita lihat daif, tak semestinya mendukacitakan. yang penting adalah penerimaan. bagaimana kita menerima keadaan itu, bagaimana kita menangani situasi itu. seperti yang pernah aku terbaca suatu masa dahulu.. "it is not what the problem is, but how you face it that matters". yeah i guess it's true. ada yang tidur bertilamkan emas tapi akhirnya bunuh diri. ada yang tidur di atas kotak di kaki lima tapi mampu senyum ketika bangun pagi.

lalu seperti yang aku sering katakan pada diriku, aku ingin berpesan kepada teman2 di luar sana.. hidup itu bukan untuk mendapatkan apa yang kita tiada, tapi untuk memanfaatkan apa yang kita ada. yang lain kamu fikir sendiri...

cheers :)
enjoy life while you still can

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

work..! work..!

itulah akibatnya bila internet rumah tak berfungsi beberapa hari. bencii~! dah la kat GIS memang tak ada masa nk blogging. nk reply email pun tak sempat! but things are back to normal.. so, readers, enjoy the masterpieces.

i don't really have a good writer's touch. i just love to write. i write those before i go to sleep in these few days without internet. forgive me if u rasa my pieces agak jiwang.. tapi cuba la look at it from other point of view. tak semestinya yang jiwang tu berkait dengan cinta2. haha~ (ye lah tuu!)

anyway, sejak akhir2 ni banyak pulak benda yang come out at the last minute. so kat office sangat hectic. tapi biasalah.. i suka kerja! anyway, gaji pun dah masuk.. :) i think i somehow have got the idea of what kind of job do i want to do after i graduate. i suka information sharing and promoting and customer service. i tak suka kerja yang melibatkan prosedur2. i like sumtin that need me to talk to people. yeah, that's it. i like people-related jobs.

i cant stop thinking about being bonded to the government... haih~ takpe lah. dah guna duit kerajaan, kena lah luangkan masa sikit. go Sarah~!

cheers :)
enjoy life while you still can

masterpieces saat2 streamyx buat hal~ Part 2

memandang sunyi ke luar jendela
saat hujan belum reda
aku masih berlagu dalam hati
kau masih jauh dan aku menanti

kalau matahari boleh bicara
pastinya akan bilang padaku;
kalau harapan kelabu cuma,
bagaimana kamu masih menunggu?"

lalu akan ku balas bicaranya
aku menurut jejakmu sahaja..
saat bulan lari darimu,
kau masih berinya cahaya

dan sekalian alam akan mengerti
signifikasi dirimu padaku

kalau setia mustahil padamu
takkan aku meminta
namun untuk berpaling darimu
hanya bisa buat aku terluka
jangan dipinta melepas kamu
kerana hatiku tak bisa

dan untuk sekian kali
aku lafazkan janji
walau tanpamu aku sepi
rela hatiku hidup sendiri...

cheers :)
enjoy life while you still can

masterpieces saat2 streamyx buat hal~ Part 1

30 November 2008 @ 00:45

andai penantian ini
perlu seribu tahun lagi
aku rela...
dalam menangisi kesunyian jiwa
mengikat hati dengan setia
lalu jemariku menyusun
daun kering di musim gugur
membilang hari dan waktu
ke tarikh kita bakal ketemu
mungkin juga setiaku bisa rapuh
dalam melihat daun yang perang
gugur ditelan bumi, menyubur tanah
untuk musim bunga berikutnya
hampa hatiku setiap kali suria menjelma
dan aku masih seorang perindu
namun aku gagahi juga
asal akhir nanti bersamamu
lalu kepada setiap pengembara
yang berhenti untuk menemaniku
aku bilang jangan, kerana
andai penantian ini
perlu seribu tahun lagi
aku rela...

cheers :)
enjoy life while you still can

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i have been waiting for this day to come....

inspiration and encouragement

sharing the pride and happiness

sama berjuang, sama cemerlang, sama ada selempang.. :)

rakan2 seperjuangan yang tak cukup ramai. nnt bole tambah gambar lagi. :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

aku sudah bergelar pengundi dan pemegang diploma :)

baru je khamis 2 minggu lepas aku mendaftar sebagai pengundi. perasaan? bangga~ hahaha. boleh la join PRU 2009. :) anyway, i came across this site:

betul jugak apa yang diorang cakap. boleh mengurangkan pengundi hantu yang sememangnya tidak dapat dipisahkan daripada pilihanraya di Malaysia ni. walaupun site ni macam anti-kerajaan gila2 tapi cadangan yang relevan tak salah diambil pakai~

anyway, baru je balik daripada convocation. seronok jugak, walaupun tak smooth sangat. banyak yang boleh diperbaiki dan banyak yang dikesali. tapi happy lah.. mana ada benda yang smooth sepanjang masa. masa degree akan lebih complicated. tempat ada dua, yang layak pergi tiga orang... macamana? haa.. masa tu barulah orang akan pandai menghargai peluang.

hari ni aku confirm tak kerja lah. terbang RM60 aku lagi. masa rehearsal dah hilang RM60. aiyo~ tapi tak apalah.. berkorban sket. bukan senang nak graduate weh...

siapakah orang ketiga yang bakal masuk kategori "layak menghadiri convocation Maisarah"?? TUNGGU~

cheers :)
enjoy life while you still can

Friday, November 21, 2008

sejak akhir-akhir ini

sejak akhir2 ni aku suka betul main inai. ntah apa2 design aku bantai. hahaha. best! tapi yang kat tangan kiri mesti lagi lawa daripada tangan kanan sebab tangan kiri tak mampu lukis betul2 kat tangan kanan. menggigil!

macam tu lah jugak dalam relationship. mesti ada satu pihak yang komited terlebih daripada pihak yang lagi satu. begitu juga dalam kerja kumpulan. mesti ada yang buat kerja lebih berbanding member lain. begitu juga dalam persahabatan dan banyak lagi perkara yang tidak berapa adil dalam dunia..

tapi macam mak aku selalu cakap... jangan kira apa yang kita buat, tapi fikir apa yang kita belum buat. ramai yang kata "aku dah buat banyak benda, tapi tak berjaya".. tapi jarang yang kata "aku tak berjaya sebab banyak benda aku tak cuba lagi." kita seharusnya memandang semua benda daripada sudut positif supaya hidup akan lebih senang dan kita akan belajar taking life easy.

taking life easy is one thing.. aku ni relax sangat ke? apa yang orang risaukan bukan kerisauan aku. dah siap assignment? belum.. aku boleh relax je walaupun kawan aku dah siap 20 page dan aku baru nk fikir tajuk. bukan aku tak risau.. cuma aku tak reti risau. i believe that everything will be okay in the end. if it's not okay, then it's not then end. aku tau ending cerita aku ni macamana.. cuma aku tak pasti kat tengah tu apa yang jadi.

i know what tomorrow will bring but i am not sure how today's gonna end so i can reach tomorrow. i simply too busy to enjoy today to worry about tomorrow. and to know what tomorrow will bring, we have to have some faith. have faith that no matter how well we plan, HE has better plans for us and it is not for us to think about those plans of HIS. just follow the signs.

cheers :)
enjoy life while you still can

Thursday, November 20, 2008


"how long do you think it takes to fall in love?"

"a minute.. how long did you take to fall in love with me?"

"much less than that.."

pertama kali dalam hidup, hari ni saya tak ada apa-apa yang nak diulas. life feels good and i am hoping for this to last long.

cheers :)

enjoy life while you still can

Monday, November 17, 2008


Dewan Kolej Mawar, 10:32 AM
Introduction to Mass Communication

perhaps you can tell which one is me,
perhaps you know who I am,
perhaps you too, wanna be with me, or;
perhaps you just don’t give a damn

take me back to the moment
when I first saw you,
you have frozen me with your charm,
and I’m still wondering how someone like me
can fall in love with someone like you,
and how seeing you once in a while
can make my whole heart jump!

Dewan Raja Muda, 3:40 PM
Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi

Kalau kamu tidak muncul, mungkin aku tidak begini.
Tidurku terganggu dengan bayangmu,
Pendengaranku hanya kenal suara kamu.
Paling ajaib, kamu mampu buat aku terpaku bila ada kamu.
Bicara tak bisa, bertentang mata juga tak mampu.
Nafasku sesak, jantungku laju.
Mengapa bisa begini?
Sedangkan aku mampu bicara walau satu dunia memandangku.
Petahku tak terjejas walau semua mata menatapku. Tetapi tidak bila dengan kamu.
Petahku hilang, kataku gagap dan memalukan diriku
sedang aku sendiri sudah sedia silu dengan kehadiranmu.
Aku ingin bebas daripada rasa ini kerana karismaku tercabar hebat.
Dengan jantungku seakan mahu keluar, berdegup kencang,
aku tidak mampu menjadi diriku sendiri
dan itu buat aku benci.
Namun harus kuakui, aku tidak rela ia berakhir
kerana dalam degupan itu ada rasa tak tertafsir.
Rasa yang indah yang mampu
buat aku berlagu sayang dalam tak sedar.
Dan rasa itu hanya tiba dengan tibanya kamu.
Lalu rasa itu aku panggil CINTA...

YA, semuanya TENTANG KAMU…
Semoga cerita kita tidak habis di sini...

cheers :)
enjoy life while you still can

first day at GIS

Garden International School, indeed, ROCKS! wow i arrived far too early for my first day. my working hours is supposed to be from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm but i sampai Hartamas pun dah pukul 7.45 am. so kita round2 beli surat khabar dulu baru masuk kerja. huhuhu... and gueSs what? a great pile of files were already waiting for me. i wasn't surprised. the experience of working with Triways had given me the idea of what to predict when working with the Admin.

but a workaholic like me isn't gonna quit. in fact, i had lotsa fun! i have always liked clerical work because it makes me look busy and make myself feel important. haha (>.<)

semoga hari2 mendatang akan jadi lebih baik.

cheers :)
enjoy life while you still can

Friday, November 14, 2008

Maisarah's Special Appearance

sorry but the quality of the video is a bit low. biasalah. i can't afford a proper video cam yet. this is actually to fulfill the requirement for the course "Radio and Television Presentation". we had to somehow promote ourselves as a potential presenter. seronok! :)

at first i was not so confident of doing this. malu lah. haha. macam poyo pulak kan telling people about ourselves and stuff. tapi lepas publish sekali, nk publish banyak2! nantikan video2 seterusnya okay!

cheers :)

enjoy life while you still can

dah cuti!

okay, sepatutnya hari ni baru nk angkut barang.. tapi since Aduha suddenly cancelled the plan of going to kak Ogy's house so I asked my father to pick me up last night so I am at home now. great. I wanted to cook something for lunch but when I went to the kitchen I found fresh Rendang Kerang. aiii... bila pulak mak aku masak? that's one thing that impress me about mothers. they have so many things to do, we never can figure out WHEN they do them! hahah. well, tak payah la i masak.
anyway, if i DO cook today I will get the usual comments from my sister. "kaklong tak tau masak benda lain ke?". one fact that you have to know about me, I love vegetables very much! since my father is old, he needs healthy food and that would exclude acidic food like seafood and meat and mutton are out of the list. okay, boleh la makan sekali sekala tapi bila SARAH TAK MASAK lah. when i'm in the kitchen, it's always healthy food that would come out. bear it. kalau tak, masaklah sendiri. :)
i'll be opening my first photo gallery soon. as in, online photo gallery of course.
the link will be posted soon!
cheers :)
enjoy life while you still can

Saturday, November 8, 2008

aku dan kenaifan serta kedaifan semasa

i never really would categorize myself as "naive" but i tend to fall for writing. i mean, i would be so impressed if somebody can write so well about how they feel etc. i think that to be able to express yourself through writing is something to be praised and if you can do that you should be proud of yourself. tiba2 orang tu tulis lagu kan. haih..

anyway, i'll be posting something new and surprising in a few days. i've drafted the whole thing but i just do not have the guts to publish it. i'm praying hard for the strength. well, it's not that the person would definitely read it. i'm putting my hope at stake. i am at my wit's end to tell the person the truth and i think i should simply write it. the whole thing started when i was writing the post for Mama. if i can describe her that well, i can express my feelings too. let just hope the person would somehow come across this little sanctuary of mine and let us hope too that he would understand that the post is dedicated to him. :)

kedaifan merujuk kepada akaun bank, of course. nazeef, kita serupa. huhu. i thought i still ada duit dalam bank islam.. rupa-rupanya penyata akaun aku dah boleh di-attach kat permohonan rumah PPRT. haha. tak apalah. nasib baik CIMB ku masih sihat. tapi MEPS pulak buat hal. esok nk mintak my dear fren singgah bank before pegi TV3. waiting for JPA masuk duit next semester would be a pain in the A**. alah, kan i nak kerja. insya ALLAH berjaya~! anyway, Garden's gonna pay RM60 per day tau. haha (nada orang yang "kaya semula"). semoga diriku akan mendapat duit secepat mungkin, membolehkan aku membeli gitar baru serta amplifier dan juga men-upgrade laptop yang berusia 3 tahun lebih tu.

semoga aku dapat kekuatan daripadaMU, ya ALLAH...

Interview and Photo Marathon

I went to Garden International School for an interview last monday. The superior at HR interviewed me and I am officially employed. I’ll be a temporary assistant at the HR Department, just like what I did at Triways. Well, I think Triways was much more hectic as I had to work for Accounts as well. I really look forward to work here… not because of the money alone, but also to avoid staying at home doing nothing. I mean, what else can I do? The usual routine would be blogging, cooking, eating, sleeping and nothing else. I can go out to take photos but that’s gonna cost money. LRT and KTM don’t offer free rides you know...

Speaking of photography, I have mentioned about Canon’s Photo Marathon Asia 2008 in my earlier post. It was fun, but tiring too. We had to walk from Berjaya Times Square to Pavilion and then to KLCC. Then we had to walk back to Times Square. I always travel by bus and train so I never really imagined that I can walk that far. Hahaha. But Khalilah is a very good companion and it’s not like we had to simply walk for nothing. We had to take photos. Each stop will provide one theme and we will have to get to the stops on time in order to get the topics. Late comers will not be entertained.

Yes, that’s my EOS bag with the participant tag on it and the faculty’s badge. I don’t know why, but somehow I feel very inspired wearing the badge. It reminds me that I have some kind of responsibilities to bring up the name, you know. It’s the UiTM-and-Me kinda thing. The themes that we had to work on were “Indulge Metropolitan”, “Mess in Rules” and “Goes Green”. I was blurred at first, but things worked out fine. I had Khalilah with me, anyway (Aji Kecik). LOL. Anyway, Tuan Haji came to check on us. He did not know about the competition, actually. If not, we will be at the airport on 24th November 2008 waving at him as he flies to New Zealand. Haha.

this is my entry for Indulge Metropolitan...

This is for "Goes Green"

but i think this is better.. huhu.

i'll post more photos later. :)

Friday, October 31, 2008

On-Air Proposal.. I Like~! haha

hi everybody. i always talk about this on-air proposal but never had the chance to really show it. yeah, you don't bring your laptop to class everyday. (but next semester i WILL bring my laptop everyday to class. i hate to procrastinate my assignments. i want to do them as soon as the class ends. haha. new resolution).

anyway, this is a proposal to emily leonard proposed by matt laubhan. matt is a weatherman, emily is a newscaster. matt used to work at the tv station so he knows all the crews. so matt asked them to help.

OMG this is so sweet, so unpredictable. something that i would want a guy to do for me. not just to propose, but like i mentioned in the previous post, i want the guy to show some love instead of saying that he loves me and nothing more.

one thing that i like about this proposal is that the guy managed to make the girl cry. she was very surprised, i would say. her mouth was wide opened. haha. this is what i call LOVE. :)

memories with Mama

this is a video that we had to produce, something like to appreciate the moments we shared together in Puan Hariyati's class (Thinking and Writing Strategies). our videos are then presented in front of the class and we had to give a short speech afterwards. i have always loved this subject. i mean, since i know Puan Hariyati.

honestly, i cannot write well. not when it comes to factual writing. i am more to creative writing. thus, i thought i was gonna fail this subject. but actually, it does not matter if u can write or not. it is a matter of knowing your weaknesses and try to improve. i love the way Puan Hariyati approach us, trying to know us, share feelings and thoughts with us. she is like our second mother.

Puan Hariyati a.k.a Mama is a very loving and lovable, caring and always greets us with a motherly smile. she always have time for everybody, although she is basically a busy woman, having to juggle the responsibilities as a mother, a wife, a lecturer and OUR mother. she never hesitates to answer calls from students and not even once that my sms left unreplied. she is always misunderstood, but hey, it's okay, Ma. we cannot please everybody. let time decides.

i hope i can be in her class again next semester. thank you for your support, Ma. thank you for understandiing this rebellious girl who always want to win, thank you for your endless attention, thank you for the free meals, thank you for just being YOU. thanks. :)

Photo Marathon Asia 2008!

tomorrow's the day. tapi belum terlambat untuk aku mewar-warkan event ni. wah! Canon kena bayar aku untuk publicity. hehe. DUH~ publicity=free promotion. jangan mimpi lah, maisarah!

haa~ below is the picture of the participants masa kat Singapore. this is an international event, i believe because being a Malaysian citizen is not included in the "terms and condition. so to all photography fanatics like myself, let us go and meriahkan keadaan. i will be there too, with one of my best girlfriends khalilah. go, Ila~!

Photo Credit : Canon Singapore Pte Ltd

Thursday, October 30, 2008

simplifying life

well, i just spoke to some people about simplifying life and they don't agree that life can be simple. to me, if we are capable to live by our own, life will be simple. i don't want to crack my head thinking what's gonna happen tomorrow and the next day and the next day. i want to live today, as a new day. not as a sequel to yesterday's episode. and tomorrow is a mystery.

ok, maybe i should admit it. i have a problem. my problem is that i do not knwo how to worry. i do not know how to make myself stressed enough to worry and push myself to my limit. wait a minute. i don't even have a limit. haha. a good girl knows her limit, a great girl knows she has none! back to the topic, i don't know how to worry. i was a worrier last time and i had promised myself to live a stress-free life and until now, i don't worry at all!

i'll get back to you later. my sis wanna use the PC. later.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

showing love and following the rules

well, i'm talking about romance. i just read a blog whereby the blogger complained that her boyfriend is not romantic enough. well, what's the point of being in a relationship if you don't show love aite? but since i'm a muslim i would understand if the couple refuse to hold hands but love is more than just touching and kissing and hugging. love is about two hearts connecting to each other, that's it. sounds simple eh? it IS SIMPLE, indeed!

i have seen unmarried couples showing love in public. touching here and there was included. that does not count. what about being in love, making each other feels good and at the same time following the guidelines of relationship set by GOD? sorry, but i have only seen a few. but one of them will complain that they are not getting enough love, they don't get the attention needed. so how? what is the solution? how can we make the man we love feels happy, cater to their needs as people in love, without violating the rules?

well, first of all, LOVE is SIMPLE. do not make it sounds too complicated. do not think it can't be understood, it is hard to be explained or that it is too personal. love is something natural, something to be shared and something that should make things simple, not making things worst. showing love is not only about holding hands, kissing in public or making out in the car. showing love simply means "making your loved ones feel loved" and that's it.

i remember how one of my close guy frens made me feel special. he simply ring me in class. well, we're in the same class. we usually sit very far away from each other in class. he would ring me and hang up. i'll check my phone and saw his name. i'll turn to him and he'll wave. i'll smile and ring him back and turn to see his expression. he smiled to himself when he sees my name and we'll continue focusing in class. okay, that's friendship but what i'm saying is that showing someone how special he/she is to you is very simple. what's more special is that we did not spend a dime! we did not buy presents or flowers or stuffed animals. we RING each other and it is enough to make both of us smile that day.

i have seen a couple when i was in Penang. they are always together but one day they had a fight and the guy was like "what more do you want me to do to make you happy! it is always MY fault! what's your problem?" OUCH. even being together everyday, every single second does not make the couple happy. i learnt something from them. together does not mean they're happy and they do not have to be together to be happy.

winking from far, waving, smiling to each other while you are with your frens can do the trick too. your partner would have the idea that no matter how happy you are when you are with your friends, he/she is still missed.

well, there are other ways too. but kejap eh. i have things to do. i'll add on later.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

meniti hari sebelum exam..

aku masih di rumah. menghabiskan masa terluang sebelum exam. aku masih diriku yang semalam, mungkin lebih baik.. kerana aku sudah pun melakukan sesuatu yang sebelum ini tidak pernah aku fikir aku boleh lakukan. aku mencuba sesuatu yang baru, menimbulkan kecurigaan abah tetapi alhamdulillah.. TUHAN panjangkan umurku, jaga maruahku, permudahkan urusanku. aku pulang ke rumah abah dengan selamat dan terjaga. lalu aku mengucap syukur.

aku juga sekarang sudah mengerti perjalanan hidupku. sebagai anak abah, aku harus biar beliau mengatur langkahku. walaupun kadangkala aku berasa kecewa kerana tidak diberi kepercayaan.. namun aku percaya TUHAN ada rencana di sebalik sekatan langkahku ini. aku mengharapkan yang baik2 saja dan semoga kepatuhanku dibalas baik. tidak pernah kebaikan itu dibalas kemurkaan dan aku pasrah saja diatur begini.

terima kasih kepada abang ariff, walaupun bicaranya tak lama namun dapat memberi ruang kepadaku untuk berfikir tentang biasiswa tu. biasiswa JPA.. orang bodoh je yang tolak, kata rakan2. namun mereka tidak faham pendirianku. aku sedang meniti piramid Maslow dan aku perlukan kebebasan berkarya untuk mencabar mindaku demi mencapai self-actualization. namun aku masih anak sulung harapan keluarga yang bertanggungjawab menghilangkan kerisauan mak abah. aku bertanggungjawab meredakan bebanan mereka yang telah membimbing aku sehingga ke tahap ini. lalu aku balas dengan kesediaanku diikat badan kerajaan. dan aku berharap keputusan ini tidak akan aku sesali. aku sedia bersabar beberapa tahun asal orang tuaku lega memandangku.

saat ini jariku masih membengkak digigit hamster gila that belongs to my crazy little sister. haih.. baru je beberapa hari lepas aku kena tampar dengan kucing jalanan. ni hamster gila pulak. apalah nasib aku ni. selalu sangat dianiaya binatang. nyaris pula aku terlepas stesen KL sentral tadi. nasib baik budak sebelah tu prihatin. ya ALLAH.. aku ni penat sangat agaknya sampai tertidur. nasib baik tidur gaya macho. bayangkan kalau aku terdongak2. haha. bodoh.

dalam komuter tadi lagi jelak. orang sebelah aku, yang dari tadi tersenyum2 pandang ke pintu rupanya tengah mengusha boyfren. takpe lah lagi. kalau aku, aku mesti excited nampak orang yang dicintai. tiba2 dia panggil mamat tu berdiri kat dia. dah dekat tu habis diraba2 mamat tu. nauzubillah. biar betol diorg ni. gila. kat dalam train pun jadi. yang aku malu sangat, bukan lelaki tu yang excited, minah tu pulak yang lebih2 passionate. memang dah gila orang sekarang. dah hilang malu!

qurra, i had fun today with u. best lah citer tadi. and i'm proud of malaysia for having the guts to filter the should-be-filtered scenes. bagi bersih sikit kepala manusia kat malaysia ni. terlalu westernized. these wannabes lah yang akan memberi image buruk pada negara. and qurra, i am so offended that the akak actually asked if i'm 18. aku tau la aku ni rendah dan tak kedewasaan sangat. but hey tengok IC lah. maybe next time i shud choose jeans with cutting and wear heels. oh and bring my handbag instead of my sis' tuition bag. tapi dah aku memang macam ni.. aiyo. peliklah kalo tiba2 nk tukar. teringat waktu induction aku tersalah langkah and heels aku tercabut. bodoh.. bodoh.. bunuhlah aku. aku malu!

oh yeah masa induction tu lagi i bengang. i ahd fun, alrite. tapi pak guard tu da tutup la pulak pintu belakang melati.. menyebabkan aku terpaksa memanjat untuk masuk. this is not the first time, anyway. haha. tapi yang best nya malam tu aku pakai kebaya. end of story. u can imagine how it was. tapi aku selalu je panjat pagar tu so tak kisah lah. huhu

the rule, has once again, made me a bad girl

Monday, October 27, 2008

aku yang masih terkejut..

well, somebody suddenly buzzed me at YM after 2 years telling me that he loves me. how's THAT? OMG i dunno what to say! true i had a little crush on him when we first met but.. it's all over now.. i ended everything after he told me that he is married. itu pun a few months after the wedding! well, i won't be able to come anyway because he is staying in indonesia but he could at least invite. i mean.. sekadar berbahasa as a friend!
no wonder he has been very quiet. no wonder he did not tell me about the wedding. well, if only he had the guts to tell me!
takpe lah. end of story. he's history now.


mari bukak cerita baru. well.. kalaulah boleh buka cerita baru kan?
kalau dia tak beritahu mesti aku tak akan fikir lagi pasal dia. i have moved on. i have a good life. kenapa dia harus datang balik and tell me all this? i wish dia tak pernah cakap apa2. i wish i tak pernah jumpa dia in the first place.. i wish...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

semester ini akan berakhir

wah! kejap je dah nak abes. ni yang tak sabar nk grad nih! well, yesterday was the best day ever. i did so many things and so many things happened.
1. the last, most important presentation da abes
2. i eliminated the mangkuk's name from my group.
3. i saw abang ariff after 14 weeks
4. mamat sport rec yang handsome detected!
5. sociology finally siap sepenuhnya

ok, kita explain satu satu. important presentatin tu mestilah kelas madam Bariah yang garang gilers tu. oklah, sebenarnya beliau baik.. tapi beliau tak suka orang main2. the presentation was going fine, tapi yang i sakit ati, si mangkuk ayun yang tak buat kerja tu tak datang. dah la tak buat, tak datang plak. kalau dia show up, mungkin aku tak marah sangat. huhu. then i pun dengan brutal pergi cakap kat madam Bariah eliminate je nama dia daripada my group. i takmau dia dapat markah i. SeriouShit tak guna punya budak. menghabiskan masa aku cover kerja dia.

and i saw abang ariff.. haha. the last time i saw him was during the first week. pastu aku tak jumpa dah. aiyo.. hari2 i cari dia. cewah, melampau aku ni. macam tak ada kerja lain. okeh la, i takde ar cari hari2 tapi setiap hari akan berharap dapat jumpa dia lah. tapi takpernah la jumpa. di saat2 aku rasa cam takde jodoh je.. tiba2 nampak dia. berbunga2 sampai keluar daun segala dahan hatiku ini. hahaha!

then lepas nampak ariff i pun dengan gembira riang gemilang melepak dengan rakan2 kat cafe. faculty i sebelah faculty sports. so petang2 kalau bertuah dpt la nampak mereka2 yang tough lagi bergaya tu.. then i saw this guy usha aku dengan obviousnya. i thought i perasan sendiri. tapi rupanya memang hari tu my lucky day lah. dah la pakai tudung pink. hehe. memang berkesan la qurratu punya advise. bukan saja i nampak abang arif, mamat sports rec pun i nampak! haha. thanks Qurra! anyway mamat tu handsome lah jugak. sweet looking. oleh kerana dia pun sangat berani usha se-obvious tu, maka i dengan very high self esteem terus melambai dia. (gedik jugak aku ni kadang2!) hiks!

and today, i jumpa zairul. he's gained weight! ya ALLAH.. terkejut aku nampak dia. and he's wearing my favorite shirt tu. the one with WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL. i missed him so much, actually. dah lama tak bagi dia pinjam me assignment. heheh.

okeh! nk touch up my socio assignment! nak antar kul 1.. tapi 12.25 masih kat library... hebat tak?


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

sabar itu...

aku bengang je sejak akhir akhir ni.. satu hal, assignment melambak. macam la aku ni tak ada kerja lain untuk hidup aku ni diperuntukkan. last monday i went to print my portfolio and photo essay. kedai printing yang bengap tu, komputernya penuh virus dan menghilangkan segala file aku. tak guneee.. adoi ai. semua kena buat balik. menangis nangis aku nk siapkan balik. nasib baiklah lecturer aku jenis flexible. aku hanta lewat sket lah nampaknya. nk hantar satu hal lah. assignment2 yang berikutnya menunggu nih. aaaargh!

baru balik interview ni. nasib baik lah habis cepat. dah hujan pun. lately Klang Valley memang selalu hujan petang. malam kul 11 lebih pun akan hujan. sejuk.. tido memang sedap lah. haha. kerja aku melambak2.. katil aku memanggil2. camana? aaaaahh. benci lah. nasib baik semester dah nak habis. boleh la berehat2.

dah lama tak update blog ni. sibuk yang teramat!

trend terbaru remaja sekarang adalah, kalau nk ambil gambar mesti posing sebelah mamat paling comey dalam kelas, lepas tu letak kat friendster and myspace and tagged and facebook and hi5 dan pelbagai brand public profile yang available sekarang. hahah. trend ini dikenalpasti di kalangan remaja antara 15-19 tahun. tak boleh blah betol. kalau yg sama kelas tu, memang mamat yang sama lah jadi sasaran. motif? belum dikenalpasti.

satu lagi hal yang bikin aku musykil ialah memakai cap atau sunglasses dalam bangunan. adoi ai. ni lagi spesies yang tidak dapat di-identify motif hidupnya. adakah ingin nampak macho? ataupun mata ada lebam sebab gado dengan isteri petang kelmarin? hahah. fikir2 lah. ciao.

p.s: doakan aku dapat jawab exam dengan 100% focus dan ketekunan yang membawa kejayaan. halalkan apa2 yang ter-cakap, ter-singgung, ter-kasar, ter-pukul, ter-usik, ter-gelak dan apa2 lagi jenis TER yang mungkin dilakukan oleh aku yang selalu lepas laku nih. sesungguhnya aku sangat jauh daripada sempurna..

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

last day of Puasa..

30 Ramadhan 1429.. tomorrow's Hari Raya. yeay! this Ramadan has been a memorable one. tahun pertama berpuasa di Shah Alam, dekat dengan rumah, walaupun tak selalu balik, tapi tahun ni lah yang aku tak rasa depressed sangat. in the previous years I was in Penang. tak boleh bayangkan the depression. jauh, fikir tiket nak balik, fikir tiket mahal or paling teruk, tiket habis. but Abah always make it easy for me. "Jangan risau.. Tiket habis, Abah jemput Kaklong." Thanks, Abah. You are always the best.

Tahun ni raya kat Negeri Sembilan dulu. Petang baru balik Perak. I don't mind. Mana-mana pun sama je as long as our family stay together. But Abah tak raya lama. Biasalah. Sekarang sesak sikit. Next year things will be better. EPF Abah keluar and he can rest at home. Sorry, Abah. Sepatutnya I dah boleh join Abah cari nafkah untuk keluarga. But this daughter of yours is an ambitious one. Diploma is not enough for her. She wants to be a girl with a Degree, get a high-salary job and that could not be achieved with only a Diploma. So be patient for another few years, aite?

After Raya, my life will be packed with tons of assignments. Mati la I.. Huhu. Banyak tak settle lagi nih. Takpe.. Buat slow2. I have my time and tasks planned carefully so I don't have to worry about not having enough time. But I will face problems with the quality because maybe tak sempat nak proof read the project papers. huhuu..

Selamat Hari Raya!

Friday, September 26, 2008


26 Ramadhan.. haih.. dah nk raya dah ni. rasa macam kejap sangat. sejak akhir2 ni semua urusan dipermudahkan TUHAN.. aku ada speech presentation semalam, kul 10.30 am. tapi until 2am aku masih tak dapat tajuk. i wanted to talk about autisme because i love kids. but informatice speech needs credibility. i don't think i'm credible to talk about something like that. i mean, autisme must be explained from medical point of view. it is very hard for me to do so because my research is only based on reading.
2am, i was still at the wireless spot at melati. amik kau. dah berapa hari aku tak cukup tidur. macam nk tercabut mata ni ha. then i tried browsing for good topics for informative speech. i came across something familiar, something i like.. i came across the word COLOR BLINDNESS. huhu. i have friends who are color blind, so i know a little bit about the topic. so there i was, searching for information and quickly write down the speech. by 4.37 am, i was done. yeay!
betapa susahnya aku mencari topik yang bagus.. haih.. naper la tak terfikir awal2. the speech wasn't so organized la sebab last minute change. then slides pulak buat hal. aduih.. i texted tuan haji telling that i will be late then worked on the slides. aku ni boleh diharap jugak rupanya eh. tapi memang sangat kelam kabut lah. huhu. i got 86% anyway. good enough for a speech without proper preparation. okay lah.. macam kata hanim.. kalau dah biasa, last minute pun okay. thanks to experiences i got masa diploma.
hehe. sekarang kat umah. esok dah kena start buat kuih raya.

Friday, September 12, 2008

dah kat rumah...

12 ramadhan..
aku dah ada kat rumah. selepas 2 jam perjalanan from mcD seksyen 3, proceed to kg baru to get bubur lambuk, then balik umah.. best nye. esok sahur makan bubur lambuk lah! setelah 2 minggu ramadhan barulah aku dapat luangkan masa puasa di rumah. rindu betul. aku juga kena balik untuk yakinkan abah supaya beliau pinjamkan Perodua Kancil beliau yang sedang bercuti tu. sejak2 abah bawak teksi ni, Kancil tak jalan ke mana pun. mak ada Kelisa. haih.. kan bagus kalau bagi aku je. senang nak ke UFM. boleh dapat slot pagi. kalau tak, tak mahsyuk la duit.. huhu.

ramadhan ni, lebih banyak masa untuk kerja, lebih banyak assignment and research. aduss.. penat gilers. tapi senang lah sebab tak payah nak fikir pasal makan. cuma kena stop untuk solat jer. hahah. assignment bertimbun2. kadang2 bila luangkan masa tak timbul pulak idea. malam2 buta masa sahur tu jugaklah masa yang ideal. assignment aku bukan macam orang lain. kena amik gambar, edit, recolour. dah tu, bila present, kena kutuk. tak ada composure lah, tak ada mood, tak ada feeling, semua benda tak kena. tak apalah, tuan haji.. saya terima seadanya kritikan tuan haji. saya harap saya boleh terus menimba ilmu sepanjang saya meluangkan masa di sisi tuan haji.

baru2 ni banyak benda yang mengelirukan. selalu dapat nightmare. haih.. i wonder when is this gonna end. i have no idea what those nightmares mean. mimpi masa ramadhan perlu jugak diambil kira, sebab jarang ada anasir2 negatif yang mempengaruhi mimpi2 tu. huhuu. entah la.

hari ahad ni nk kejar producer paling byk box office di zaman ini. susah sangat nk deal dengan PR dia yang sangat kerek. baik aku kejar je tuan punya badan. huh.. lebih sudu daripada kuah pulak si PR ni. takpe2. u dunno who you are dealing with. nntkan kejutan untuk anda pada hari isnin!

balik rumah...

hari ni lepas berbuka puasa nk balik rumah...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

saat wireless mengada2..

hah, betul lah title tu. wireless kat uitm ni memang mengada2. kejap ada, kejap tak ada.. sabar je lah diriku ini yang berpuasa.. harap2 esok okay lah. minggu ni je dah dua kali putus elektrik. bukan lampu kipas, tapi power supply utk laptop and table lamp.. haih.. bengang lah. sudah la semalam nk buat slides for today's presentation. nasib baik lah ameer datang bawak laptop.. huhu. sayang ameer!

so berjaya lah buat slides dengan jayanya. slides kitorang pun simple jer. kalau tak nnt audience dok baca tulisan kat slides, apa yg kita present satu habuk pun diorang tak dengar. ni tips tuan haji shafiee yg macho tu lah. speaking about hj shafiee.. haih.. nape lah tak ada orang yang macam tuan haji, sebaya saya? kalau ada mesti dah admire gila2. sempoi, berpendirian, berani. fuh! macam describe super hero pulak!

anyway, the presentation was fine. we were presenting about HOMOSEXUAL. fuh.. berkobar2 je present tadi, tapi sayangnya the presentation was only for 20 minutes. terlebih sikit terus kena sound. hehe. alah, bukan tak biasa kena sound! hurm... apa lagi eh nk tulis ni. tadi macam byk jer benda nk cerita.
oops..! alarm dah bunyi. ini menandakan dah masuk BIRTHDAY ADUHA.. happy birthday, duha! semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki, dan mendapat jodoh yg baik serta dikurniakan anak2 soleh dan solehah..

lepas buat slides tu, i pun berkira2 nk balik kolej lah. masa tu dalam pukul 10.30.. gate kolej melati tu tutup pukul 11. so kira elok2 je lah masa tu. tiba2 boleh pulak pak guard tu tutup gate awal.. ya TUHAN... macamana aku nk masuk?? nk pegi gate depan tu.. alahai... bercinta la nk jalan. jauhnya bukan main. so aku dengan nekadnya memanjat pagar kolej...

"the rule has made me a bad girl.."


Friday, September 5, 2008

sign if you love animals!

sign this petition to show how much u care bout animals..

Bila restu tidak mengiringi..

I just spoke about this topic with a close friend. She has a problem; her mother does not like her boyfriend. Enough that she refuse to even see the guy, she also say bad things about the guy, cursing the relationship to the worst and even tell the girl that everything between them is not gonna work. It's not her mother's fault, anyway. There are many reasons why she is acting that way:

  1. The guy has no proper job and has no proper education
  2. A few busybody makciks have been talking bad about the guy to her mother and they even created stories which are not true
  3. The girl is the first daughter, so… you get what I mean aite? She is being protective, I guess.

But she should have met the guy first before making any judgments. Masalahnya sekarang mak beliau tak mau tengok pun muka that guy… aiyo… okay. I know when you see the first reason you might say that the mother is doing the right thing. Honestly, I had the same feeling too when I heard that the guy has no high education. I mean, my friend is highly educated and she is pretty. I always thought she would end up with somebody better. But I was wrong. TOTALLY wrong. I know I was wrong when I first met the guy.

Well, he's not that great anyway. But seeing my friend so happy with him means so much to me. He cares about my friend so much. He is willing to do anything for her. He even ignored the curse and the ill-behaved mom and continuing loving her. I cannot guarantee they would lead a good life, in terms of money, in the future… but I can assure that my friend would be the happiest woman to have somebody loving her that way. I'm hoping only for the best for you, girl. I wish you every happiness..

Yang lain kamu nilai sendiri..

Monday, September 1, 2008

hari pertama ramadhan...

sepatutnya aku dah balik asrama ni.. tapi abahku itu nak aku buka puasa kat umah hari ni. ye lah, hari pertama puasa kan..? sejak akhir-akhir ni abah memang sentimental sket. hahah. orang tua lah katakan.. tak kisah lah. tapi mungkin interview hari ni kena delay sket. tengoklah camana.

keputusan biasiswa JPA dah kluar.. tapi aku tak dapat.. aku pun tak tau kenapa. CGPA aku cukup. even budak yg CG lagi rendah pun dapat. mungkin sebab aku tukar course.. haih.. aku pun tak tau lah. tapi aku memang dah agak. bila tukar course, tak ada specialization. lagipun course yang aku amik sekarang ni tak banyak sangat peluang berkhidmat utk kerajaan. kalo aku amik PR, mungkinlah.

tapi aku tak sedih pun. dari awal aku memang percaya, DIA dah susun semua untuk aku. memang dari dulu aku ikut saja apa yang DIA lorongkan. kalau nak diikutkan, hidup aku sentiasa mengikut keadaan. keputusanku banyak dipengaruhi faktor orang sekeliling dan keadaan semasa keputusan itu dibuat. bukanlah juga aku ni banyak dipaksa. maybe i'm just not the type that can make my own decision. so orang keliling banyak decide on my behalf.

anyway.. happy ramadhan everybody! selamat berpuasa.. semoga ramadhan kali ini menjadi noktah bagi tabiat yang buruk dan memulakan tabiat baik. aku banyak berazam ramadhan ni. saksinya adik ipar tak jadiku, Masitah Samsudin. hehe. mas, kau ingatkan aku tau! aku ni jahat, mulut ringan je mengumpat, menyindir orang. kalau nk timbang dosa anggota badan, aku rasa mulut aku ni ha yang paling berat. ye lah, aku ni jenis tak bole tengok orang berlagak, orang malas2. laser je aku menyindir. tak main la simpan2, bermuka2.. hipokrit. tapi memang tak bagus lah. sebab tu aku selalu ingatkan diri aku.. "it's not what we do, but how we make people feel"..

jadi aku mengambil kesempatan ini untuk memohon maaf dari hujung rambut hingga ke hujung kaki kepada semua orang yang pernah aku sakiti.. mana2 yang tercakap, tersindir, tersentuh, tersinggung.. aku hanyalah manusia biasa.. semoga ramadhan kali ini membentuk peribadiku ke arah yang lebih baik.. aminn.

Friday, August 29, 2008

permata yang dicari..

sekadar berkongsi lirik lagu yang sudah lama saya dengar tetapi baru hari ni tahu tajuknya.. (special thanks to my new family, UFM) memang menyentuh hati saya setelah sekian lama tidak mengikuti perkembangan dunia nasyid. sesungguhnya irama nasyid masih unggul di arena mereka tersendiri..

HaDirnYA tAnPA kUsEdARi
MeNgGaMit KaSiH CinTa Bersemi
hAdiR cInTa InsAn PaDa Ku iNi
AnuGerAh KurniAan ILAHI

LembUt TuTuR bICARanYA
mEnArIk hAtiKu Utk menDekatiNya
KesopanAnnyA MemiKat Di Hati
MendAMaikan JiwaKu yg Resah ini

Ya ALLAH jIKa dia Benar unTukku
DekAtkanLaH HatiNya denGan HatiKu
Jika dia Bukan mIlik ku
DamaikAnlah hAtiku dGN Ketentuanmu

Dialah pErMata Yg dicari
sElaMa ini Baru KuTemUi
tApi Ku tak Pasti Rencana ILAHI
aDAKah dia kAn kU mILIki

Tidak sEkAli di nodai naFsu
AkaN kU bATasi dgn SyariatMU

Ya ALLAH EngkaULah TemPat ku BergAntuNG hARaPan Ku
Ku haRap Diriku SeNtIasa Di bawah RahMatMU

(taken from

ahh.. memang touching. sangat pure, sangat ikhlas. now this is love. love does not force, love is about trust. if the person you love does not love you back, then the person is just not meant for you. pushing the person hard to make the person yours would torture the person from inside.

"love is not about two people looking at each other, but two people looking at the same direction". so deal with it. maybe the person isnt the person who looks at the same direction with you. pushing won't lead to any progress. what's the use of a relationship that starts with a force?

love would only make sense with FAITH. if u have faith on your CREATOR, then your love would make sense. HE has written our fate and it is not up to us to change it, EXCEPT with prayers and efforts. but if it still won't work between both of you, then maybe HE has planned something else for both of you.

to me, true love is like this; i look at him, he looks at her, but i can still smile because he is happy although he is not mine..

Thursday, August 21, 2008

tak balik2 lagi aku nih..

Abah called to tell me that he would have to send me back to campus a little late because MakSu fainted at MAHA and they are rushing to get her to the hospital. MakSu has been suffering from severe disorder of hearing and it somehow affects her head too. She can't stand large crowds and is not able to control her body normally. She is always sick, but remain strong to look after her children. She has a very big family with little kids around. Fortunately she has teenage children to help her with the house chores. *sigh.. I'm not excited about Taman Negara anymore. All i think of is MakSu. I hope she will be fine..

coret2 sebelum pergi taman negara

hari terakhir di rumah. esok nk pergi taman negara.. aku akan habiskan cuti di sana bersama kawan2. i can't wait. i've been very passionate about photography and this is my chance to explore the field.. and.. main2 dengan camera tu. hahah. nk beli sendiri, belum mampu lagi! takpe2.. aku kerja part time, simpan duit banyak2 and beli everything i dream to have. setakat ini aku ada a few things to buy.
1. the latest HP TouchSmart PC
2. Canon Digital SLR EOS 400D (wah!)
3. Amplifier.. (ni amin yg suh beli)
4. a new guitar..
YeS! pasti berjaya!

sejak akhir2 ni rimas dengan orang yang perasan bagus. kerja dia sejak akhir2 ni membetulkan orang je. entah la apa sebab tapi this person memang camni dari dulu. pendekatan je lain sikit. last time was a bit pushy, sekarang guna method lain pulak. but still the same motive, i would say. ala, biasa2 je sudey.. macam lah kita tak kenal awak. huh! tak payah hipokrit!

hipokrit.. hipokrit. sudah berapa kali daa nk bincang pasal nih. haha. apa yang penting adalah menjaga diri sendiri dan sentiasa berfikiran positif. kalau berfikiran negatif dan sentiasa rasa diri sendiri betul, semua orang kita kata hipokrit. "kalau kelemahan itu bisa diakui, tiadalah orang hipokrit!". titik. dah, malas nak cakap benda basi. semua orang ada pandangan sendiri. hormatilah pendapat orang. wallahu'alam.

take note, everybody! pada 25 Ogos 2008 akan diadakan WACANA ARTIKEL 153 : KEDUDUKAN ISTIMEWA ORANG MELAYU di Dewan Annexe UiTM Shah Alam. Kepada sesiapa yang tak tahu Dewan Annexe tu kat mana, i think is is sumwhere near DSB. alah jgn risau.. kat UiTM tak kurang signboard and lain2 penunjuk arah. besar and very clear. senang je nk cari.. Anyway, you can download the program schedule here:

kalau ada masa apa salahnya datang dan mengikuti wacana ni. bagus jugak. kalau tak silap yang akan hadir adalah YB Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri) dan Sdr Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor (Pengerusi GERAK Malaysia). VC kita, Y. Bhg. Dato’ Seri Prof Dr Ibrahim Abu Shah for sure memang ada lah. Beliau lah harapan kita nak mempertahan tempat berteduh sekian lama ni... okay! tak mau sebut2 lagi pendirian aku macamana. kat previous post aku sudah habis-habisan berdebat. nnt jd isu basi lagi. huh!

Taman Negara.. here i come!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jom Cari Foto... cuti.. taman negara... mid term exam... post-cuti projects... wah!

Jom Cari Foto anjuran Kelab U-Vue UiTM Shah Alam, telah diadakan pada hari Sabtu yang lalu, 16th August 2008 di Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, Shah Alam. pertandingan fotografi ini, yang bertemakan keunikan Taman Pertanian telah disertai oleh lebih kurang 50 peserta dari seluruh Malaysia termasuk pelajar UiTM sendiri (kami le tu..).

Huu.. best lah jugak competition ni. aku dengan Ila lebih kepada berjalan2 je.. especially rumah 4 musim tu. masa kami datang, tengah musim panas. memang seronok. kami yang dah biasa naik 93 anak tangga everyday tak tunggu bas pun. jalan je berdua explore Taman Pertanian. tapi tak dapat jelajah semua tempat lah. separuh pun tak lepas. masa yg diorg bagi pun 3 jam je. punya lah snap gambar sana sini, alih2 dia nak 3 best photos je. haha. rasanya kalau betul lah nk explore everything kenalah spend sikit sewa basikal. kalau tak.. alamatnya balik tu kaki lenguh, taubat tak mau jalan dah! =) tapi Taman Pertanian dah tak ada apa2 yang menarik kecuali rumah 4 musim tu.. tak terurus la tempatnya! aku harap in the future there will be more efforts on marketing so more people would know bout this place and come to visit.. (mula dah terserlah Tourism spirit)

Cuti2 ni aku tak bosan sebab agak lama tak jumpa adik2. walaupun kitorang banyak bertekak je kat umah, tapi seronok lah. lagipun kitorang memang gemar bertekak pun. anak2 rebel lah katakan. mana reti cakap baik2. hihi. balik kampung, kutip buah.. Fuh! memang best! nenek pun happy la sebab kitorang sejak beberapa tahun ni memang jarang balik. sejak aku pegi PEN.. adik plak kat MKZ. so yg balik adik aku yg kecik tu je la, and my mother. bila dah dekat nenek tak la sunyi sangat. kalo mak nk balik aku boleh je naik train and join diorg. senang cerita. dulu naik bas from PEN.. seram! byk pulak yg terbalik.. nauzubillah.. tapi aku kena balik dah hari khamis ni sebab jumaat dah bertolak pergi Taman Negara.. yahOo! ni lah untungnya dapat Tuan Haji Shafiee mengajar Photo Communication. berjalan je. Jalan, jalan jugak.. buku aku tak sentuh lagi. dah la mid term exam betul2 lepas cuti... i'm a dead duck..

lepas cuti aku ada banyak plan.. especially after the mid term exams. aku kena re-schedule balik routine aku sebab tak lama lagi masuk konti.. huhu. aku kena spend a little time for the training. tak mau la kena kick out sebelum probation habis hanya kerana tak datang training.. haih.. byk btol kerja. tak masuk lagi masa yg diperuntukkan untuk Mega Plan aku for this sem. heheh. ada lah kerja gila sikit nk buat. more to psychology punya thing. tengok lah berjaya ke tidak. i only need one moment of truth.. just ONE MOMENT and that's it. yg lain aku serah pada DIA. aku yakin kalau dah usaha, DIA takkan hampakan aku. sebelum ni pun DIA selalu perhatikan aku. aku harap langkah kali ni tak silap lagi.


p.s: anyway, aku dah gembira buat course ni. mungkinkah kerana "A" (bukan nama sebenar)? ataupun kerana keserasian jiwaku dengan course ni? entah lah. aku harap kegembiraan ini kekal. aku rimas resah lama2. aku nk, bila aku bangun tidur one morning, aku boleh beritahu diri sendiri yang aku sedang berada pada jalan yang betul, boleh yakinkan diri sendiri yang aku takkan menyesal tinggalkan kawan2 aku. (kawan2.. aku rindu korang. tapi aku ada jalan yang berbeza. aku harap korang doakan aku)

esok nk kluar dengan Qurra tengok Zohan! *wink!

UiTM Di Hatiku.. Penjelasan Akhir

berfikir semula tentang membuka 10% kuota kemasukan UiTM kepada bukan bumiputera.. memang ada baiknya. jika bicara tentang kualiti, pelajar Melayu boleh bersaing dan akan lebih rajin.. peningkatan kualiti pastinya akan lebih cepat dan berkesan.. sesuai dengan usaha UiTM yang ingin mencapai taraf World Class University..

TETAPI jika bicara tentang ketuanan Melayu, UiTM adalah satu-satunya universiti tempat pelajar Melayu berteduh.. yuran yang murah, kemudahan yang disediakan untuk tujuan akademik, semuanya membantu orang Melayu untuk berjaya. keistimewaan ini hanya diperoleh orang Melayu.
yes, it sounds unfair.. but this country belongs to the Malays. of course all the special rights are given to the Malays.. take India, will the government of India give the special rights to English? this is what we have to accept.

sebab itu, apabila ada pihak yang mahu UiTM dibuka untuk golongan bukan bumiputera, pelajar UiTM jadi sensitif, jadi marah. kami tidak pernah mintak apa2.. cuma benteng terakhir ini jangan disentuh. bukan kami tidak pernah mengalah dengan bangsa lain.. apa yang kami tak beri? MRSM? Biasiswa JPA? SBP? sekarang UiTM pula? satu-satunya benda yang tinggal untuk Melayu daripada kerajaan. itu pun mahu dikongsi? bukan tidak ada IPTA untuk mereka. mereka boleh memilih UM, USM etc. sedangkan anak kecil pun tahu mempertahankan gula-gula daripada dirampas adik beradiknya... fikirkanlah

kadang-kadang kita perlu melihat sesuatu daripada banyak sudut. jangan kerana nak maju, nak berjaya, bangsa sendiri digadai.

kepada pelajar UiTM... ya, ramai orang kata kita ini boneka mainan orang politik. biarkan. dahulu orang kata kita tidak peduli apa yang berlaku di sekeliling kerana kita disekat oleh Akta Universiti. orang mengutuk kita yang bagai ikan emas di dalam balang kaca.. nampak apa yang berlaku, tapi tidak mampu buat apa2. sekarang kita bersuara, orang pertikaikan kenapa kita boleh bersuara. kalau selamanya ikut cakap orang.. memang tak ke mana..
kita sudah demo, kita sudah berjaya tunjuk yang kita peka akan isu semasa. kita tidak biarkan kekangan Akta Universiti menghalang kita memberitahu kerajaan apa yang kita mahu.. kita sudah buktikan kepada semua yang kita mampu bersuara secara aman. tunjukkan kepada mereka yang fanatik politik, suara itu mampu dilontar secara aman. tidak perlu demo bakar2 barang, kita masih boleh bantah.

kepada orang awam.. jangan terkejut kami tidak dikenakan tindakan. kami bukan bantah, merusuh, merosakkan harta benda orang lain. kami berarak secara aman, menyanyikan lagu UiTM. kami bantah dengan cara kami sendiri. dulu kami diam, kamu tidak puas hati. sekarang kami sudah bersuara, sepatutnya kamu bangga, anak bangsa kamu tidak duduk diam sahaja. jangan kutuk kami, sebaliknya sokonglah kami sebagai pejuang hak, mengekalkan apa yang lama kita kecapi. kamu mungkin tidak terasa apa2, kamu mampu hantar anak2 ke IPTA. kami yang bergantung pada UiTM..
tentunya kami yang terasa. ibarat kami yang makan roti, kamu makan nasi. bila roti dikerat diberi pada orang lain, kamu yang makan nasi hanya mengutuk kami tidak mahu berkongsi. kami mohon kamu faham..


Monday, August 18, 2008

UiTM Di Hatiku

Demo pelajar UiTM: Keprihatinan yang mengundang kecurigaan
Ahmad Tajdid Sat Aug 16, 08 2:45:54 pm MYT

Sebagai bekas pelajar UiTM, penulis sebenarnya terkejut apabila dimaklumkan seorang rakan bahawa 5000 pelajar UiTM Shah Alam telah mengadakan unjuk rasa dan berarak sejauh 3 kilometer ke Bangunan SUK, Selangor, 12 Ogos lalu semata-mata untuk membantah kenyataan

Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.
Setelah menghabiskan sebahagian usia remaja di UiTM dan berkecimpung dalam gerakan pelajar di kampus, penulis memang masak dengan senario kampus UiTM termasuk mentaliti para pelajarnya.

Adalah sesuatu yang menghairankan apabila para pelajar UiTM yang begitu teruk dikongkong Jabatan Hal Ehwal Pelajar boleh begitu prihatin dengan isu semasa dan seterusnya berdemonstrasi dan berarak dalam jumlah yang ramai, sedangkan demonstrasi diharamkan pentadbir UiTM dan ada kalangan pelajarnya yang dihukum dan disingkirkan kerana terlibat dengan demonstrasi.

Kongkongan HEP terhadap aktiviti pelajar juga mengakibatkan pelajar institusi Bumiputera itu tidak peka dengan isu semasa yang melingkari mereka. Jika ada diskusi intelek atau ceramah ilmiah yang dianjurkan, kehadiran pelajar (jika tanpa paksa) boleh dikira dengan jari. Keadaan ini berubah jika program hiburan ataupun konsert diadakan apabila ribuan pelajar akan hadir dan menunggu sehingga program tamat.

Kita tidak menolak kemungkinan bahawa unjuk rasa ribuan pelajar UiTM ini digerakkan oleh 'orang atasan' institusi itu. Pastinya pelajar yang sudah sebati dibelenggu Akta dan ditanam budaya takut untuk menyuarakan pandangan tentang politik dan isu semasa tidak berani berarak di jalan raya tanpa perkenan dan galakan pentadbir UiTM sendiri.

Jika tidak, mana mungkin unjuk rasa diadakan di hampir seluruh kampus UiTM seluruh negara termasuk cawangan Permatang Pauh (Pulau Pinang), Seri Iskandar (Perak), Arau (Perlis), Bandar Jengka (Pahang), Lendu (Melaka), Sungai Petani (Kedah), Kuala Terengganu (Terengganu) dan cawangan Machang (Kelantan).

'Histeria' yang melanda ini berpunca daripada cadangan Abdul Khalid agar UiTM membuka 10 peratus pengambilan kepada pelajar bukan bumiputera. Langkah ini, jelas beliau penting untuk meningkatkan daya saing pelajar dan mutu universiti awam bumiputera itu.

Cadangan Abdul Khalid itu bukanlah sesuatu yang baru. Seperti kata Profesor Emiritus Khoo Kay Kim dari Jabatan Sejarah, Universiti Malaya, cadangan pengambilan pelajar bukan Bumiputera oleh UiTM ini pernah dicadangkan kerajaan BN beberapa tahun lalu. Malah UiTM sendiri, kata Khoo telah pun melaksanakan cadangan itu tetapi tidak mendapat sambutan pelajar bukan bumiputera.

Mustahil bagi Naib Canselor UiTM, Dato' Seri Ibrahim Abu Shah tidak mengetahuinya ataupun sengaja menyembunyikan fakta itu untuk tujuan yang beliau sahaja yang tahu.

Manipulasi isu ini juga sebenarnya memalukan warga UiTM keseluruhannya - pelajar dan bekas pelajar. Kenapa? Kerana Abdul Khalid bukanlah orang yang mempunyai autoriti terhadap UiTM. Memang benar kampus induk UiTM terletak di Shah Alam, tetapi institusi itu berada di bawah kuasa Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi dan bukannya kerajaan negeri Selangor.
Apa jua kenyataan yang keluar daripada mulut Abdul Khalid tentang UiTM tidak punyai sebarang kesan kerana beliau bukan seorang yang berautoriti.

Pandangan Abdul Khalid juga sepatutnya dibahaskan secara akademik kerana itulah budaya yang harus dilaksanakan oleh sebuah IPTA; bukannya mendorong warganya beremosi dan bersentimen tanpa sebab yang wajar.

Membela hak Melayu? Tidakkah Ibrahim Abu Shah menyedari bahawa banyak isu lain berhubung hak Melayu yang sepatutnya diperjuangkan golongan 'nasionalis totok' seperti beliau. Bagaimana dengan dasar kerajaan BN yang membuka 10 peratus pengambilan Maktab Rendah Sains MARA kepada bukan Bumiputera? Bagaimana pula kuota biasiswa 55-45 bagi pelajar Bumiputera dan bukan Bumiputera untuk melanjutkan pelajaran ke luar negeri.

Jika Ibrahim benar-benar merasakan Abdul Khalid perlu memohon maaf; beliau terlebih dahulu perlu melakukan perkara serupa kerana telah pun melaksanakan idea Abdul Khalid beberapa tahun lalu seperti dinyatakan Prof Khoo Kay Kim.

Ibrahim juga dilapor menyifatkan Abdul Khalid sebagai cetek pemikiran kerana sukar menerima fakta mengenai pelbagai kejayaan yang dicapai UiTM sama ada di peringkat tempatan dan antarabangsa.

Tidak sedarkah Ibrahim bahawa beliau juga berfikiran cetek kerana mendakwa tidak melihat sebarang perubahan yang dilakukan kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat negeri Selangor sepanjang 100 hari memerintah negeri seperti dilaporkan Utusan Malaysia.

Beliau perlu menyedari bahawa walau bagaimana 'hebatnya' pencapaian UiTM, institusi itu masih tidak termasuk dalam ranking utama universiti dunia oleh mana-mana badan penarafan antarabangsa. Sehubungan itu, masih banyak ruang untuk memperbaiki UiTM sebagai universiti khusus Bumiputera. Teguran Abdul Khalid perlu dilihat sebagai cabaran dan bukannya penghinaan oleh warga UiTM.

Memang Ibrahim antara peneraju UiTM yang paling menonjol berpolitik. Tidak seperti Pengarah dan Naib Canselor ITM dan UiTM sebelumnya, Ibrahim lebih suka mengeluarkan pandangan memihak dalam sebarang isu. Sentimennya kepada parti-parti pembangkang termasuk PAS amat tebal berbanding sifat lunaknya kepada dasar-dasar BN.

Oleh kerana itulah, beliau tidak menentang keputusan bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Mahathir Mohamad untuk membuka UiTM kepada pelajar-pelajar bukan Bumiputera tetapi melompat setinggi langit apabila cadangan serupa dibuat Tan Sri Abdul Khalid.

UiTM sebenarnya memerlukan peneraju baru untuk terus unggul sebagai institusi melatih profesional Bumiputera. Individu seperti Almarhum Prof Nik Abdul Rashid Nik Abdul Majid perlu dicari untuk melonjakkan imej dan kredibiliti UiTM di peringkat nasional dan antarabangsa. Almarhum ialah seorang nasionalis tulen yang benar-benar memperjuangkan kepentingan Melayu tanpa menghiraukan batasan politik. Para pelajar ITM era 80-an dapat merasakan semangat kental Pak Nik dalam mengangkat martabat ITM sebagai institusi unggul Melayu-Bumiputera.

Di majlis-majlis perhimpunan pelajar ITM, Pak Nik tidak segan silu mengkritik sebahagian ahli-ahli politik Melayu yang dianggapnya mengabaikan kepentingan bangsa kerana asyik bertelagah sesama sendiri, dan sanggup berdiri gagah menyanggah sesiapa saja termasuk pemimpin parti komponen BN yang mengancam kepentingan dan hak Bumiputera.

"MCA agaknya nak orang Melayu semua mampus baru mereka puas hati," kata-kata Pak Nik mengkritik Timbalan Presiden MCA, Dato' Lee KIm Sai di majlis perasmian minggu silaturrahim ITM Cawangan Perlis masih terngiang-ngiang di telinga penulis walapun ia berlaku lebih 22 tahun lalu. Dan janganlah pula cadangan ini dijadikan alasan untuk para pelajar UiTM dihasut sekali lagi untuk berdemonstrasi.- tajdid _

Sarah Says: at least, kami berjaya buktikan uitm students ni masih ber"taring". this is not a matter of khalid ibrahim has the authority to change anything, but this is about whether malays are brave enough to step forward and tell people what we think.. to ensure our rights remaining ours.

anyway, of course nobody said anything about the demo. we're doing the right thing. the demo is under the MPP, with permission from uitm. the university act only defined "illegal demo" as sumtin to do with political things so the "perhimpunan uitm di hatiku" is LEGAL. not just with the fact that it was done WITH permission, it was also legal because we were fighting for what is right.

unlike some people who came out with the idea of intergration just because he is against the party which always ensure malays to get what they deserve..

Menteri Besar Selangor sekarang nk menyedarkan pelajar UiTM supaya tidak sahaja fokus pada kuota kemasukan, tetapi menumpukan perhatian juga terhadap peningkatan kualiti pendidikan.

Demo tempoh hari bukan lah untuk menyekat kemasukan 10% itu sahaja, namun untuk menyedarkan orang Melayu yang kuasa kita di tanah sendiri sudah hampir sahaja hilang gara-gara kesilapan kerajaan kita sendiri. Demo itu bukan sekadar bantahan kepada lontaran idea Menteri Besar tetapi juga untuk memberitahu awam yang kami pelajar UiTM tidak sahaja bersenang2 mengecapi segala kemudahan di sini.

Kami sedar akan keistimewaan yang kami nikmati dan justeru itu amat sensitif apabila ada anasir yang bakal membuat kami hilang apa yang sudah kami pegang sekian lama..

Atau mungkin juga pihak atasan sekarang ingin mengalih fokus terhadap kesilapan bicara mereka dan sekarang menyuruh kami menumpukan terhadap peningkatan kualiti supaya masyarakat yang senang dipengaruhi akan mengutuk pelajar UiTM yang menentang habis habisan dengan tuduhan kami hanya sibuk berbahas tentang keistimewaan yang diura-urakan ditarik balik tanpa peduli tentang kualiti..? Hmm..

Dear public, kami sedar akan segala keistimewaan itu, kami sedar akan masalah sosial yang membebani imej UiTM, kami juga sedar kualiti produk UiTM sedang dipertikaikan.. Namun jangan sekat kebebasan kami mempertahankan hak kami sebagai pelajar UiTM. Kami ada hak bersuara kerana ini tempat kami berteduh sekian lama. Jangan hanya melihat tindakan ini sebagai mempertahankan UITM tetapi lihatlah tindakan ini sebagai mempertahankan HAK MELAYU juga.

Jangan juga pertikaikan kenapa pihak Hal Ehwal Pelajar tidak menyekat demo ini. Kami bantah secara aman, menyanyikan lagu UiTM sebagai pembakar semangat. Kami tidak berarak sambil membawa api atau barang2 tajam. Kami buat secara professional. Sedangkan peraturan itu dibuat oleh manusia, manusia juga lah yang bisa memberi ruang apabila peraturan itu tidak diikut sekali sekala..

Berbanggalah kerana kami berani bersuara dalam kekangan Akta Universiti dan Peraturan UiTM sendiri. Kami bantah secara aman, menghormati keamanan masyarakat. Lalu kami mohon masyarakat memahami.. Wallahualam.