Sunday, January 18, 2009

i wish~!

*sigh.. i have been trying to finish my movie critics but it seems that my mind is kinda blocked. huhuhu. never mind. i'll just leave it that way first. i am never a good early-finisher. i always get the best idea at the last minute. but that kind of attitude should come with side advantages such as a good printer filled with ink or enough A4 paper for last minute printing so i don't have to go to the printing shop to print.

but it is not somethin that i'm proud of, honestly. i kinda hope i can finish everything early so i won't get stressed. but i think i am the kind of person that performs better under pressure. :)

lately i have been confused with destiny. i mean.. lots of thing happened and i dun really know where my life's going to lead me. i hope this would be for long, because everything is too sweet to end. well a hope would remains a hope. because i have been taught that nothing lasts forever.

let's just wish that forever's a fairy tale.

cheers :)
enjoy life while you still can

Friday, January 16, 2009

a few minutes before tomorrow

for the first time after about 3 months, i finally switched on my laptop. well, it has been forgotten for a while due to bad performance (macam punishment plak). i used my home PC instead. but since i have been loaded with assignments, my laptop has got to get back to work again. kesian.. nnt kita pergi upgrade, okay? my treat. ;) haha

i'm thinking of changing the layout of this blog.. but i just don't have the time to sit and design. i have to reduce the words as most of my readers find reading a bit boring. well, my posts are somewhat like a long essay. that's why i am more to poems lately. boo hoo. but hey, even i hate long readings so i wouldn't torture the readers by presenting my craps to be read. hehe

i am thinking of starting sewing my own clothes. i have been going here and there checking out blouses. unfortunately, short blouses are too short and the long ones are too long. this is the problem when you are only 150 ++ cm tall (or... short?) with un-ideal body shape. i really have to go on a strict diet. *sigh

anyway, if any of you have ideas for blog design, feel free to voice out!

cheers :)
enjoy life while you still can

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

dan kita hanya mampu melihat..

apa yang boleh kita buat bila ada seseorang yang kita tahu berada dalam kesusahan, tapi taknak mengaku susah, dan dalam masa yang sama kita nk tolong.. tapi malangnya dia dia refuse.. dalam masa yang sama kita sama2 tahu.. dia perlukan pertolongan..

jawapan: kita hanya mampu melihat..

fikir2 lah..

cheers :)
enjoy life while you still can

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

hatiku terdetik sayang...

mana mungkin aku lupa
kau ku lihat kali pertama
namun bukanlah waktu itu
hatiku terdetik sayang
dalam mengenal kamu
semakin dekat denganmu
namun bukan juga saat itu
hatiku terdetik sayang
maaf jika aku
hanya bermain dengan kata
kerana berdepan aku tak bisa
dan saat balasanmu bermula
bukan juga saat itu
hatiku terdetik sayang
dalam hubungan tidak bernama ini
aku masih belum kenal kamu
aku masih terkial-kial faham kamu
aku masih bingung dengan telatahmu

aku masih tak tahu
bila masanya
hatiku terdetik sayang

satu hal yang aku faham
sesaat bicara denganmu
kesannya berminggu-minggu
kamu buat hatiku berlagu riang!

cheers :)
enjoy life while you still can

nice survey copied from fifi-chantek :)

Answered at 10:11am, 13/01/2009.

1. Who/What do you blame for your bad mood today?
++ well, i'm in a very good mood so far

2. What was the first thing you did this morning?
++ showering of course

3. Do you care what people think of you?
++ sometimes, yeah. but i'm just too busy to care

4. Who was the last person you took a picture with?
++ my sis. we LOVE camwhoring!

5. Last person you went to the movies with?
++ Qurratu Aini Johari

6. Today, would you rather go back a week or go forward a week?
++ forward, please. tak sabar nk cuti

7. Do you like anyone?
++ um.. yeah?!

8. What is happening between you and the person you like?
++ oh i do hope SOMETHIN is happening. but, um.. well, we're friends

9. Have a car?
++ practically, YES

10. Something you do a lot?
++ blogGing

11. What did you do today?
++ i just ate breakfast. oh and practised piano

12. Where do you wish you were right now?
++ in front of him so i can tell him "hey, it's ME!"

13. Today did you hug a person you have feelings for?
++ well, i hugged my momma. does that count?

14. Is the person you have a crush on older or younger than you?
++ older..

15. Have you ever told someone of the opposite sex you loved them and meant it?
++ yeah.

16. How is your day so far?
++ quite good

17. Whats your favorite season?
++ autumn

18. What song are you listening to right now?
++ when you're gone by avril

19. Are you happy with your life?
++ why shouldnt i be?

20. Can you recall the last time you liked someone a lot?
++ haha.. like NOW?

cheers :)
enjoy life while you still can

Saturday, January 10, 2009

hari ini belum tentu bisa berulang

hari ni aku keluar dengan Qurratu. movie + makan + shopping sikit. kali terakhir aku keluar dengan Qurratu adalah pada last semester. sedih kan? aku macam tak ada masa untuk diri sendiri dan orang keliling aku. that is why i like texting my frens bila2 teringat. i dun want them to think that they are forgotten.. although i am the one who have always been forgotten...
resolusi tahun ini adalah... oh, before that.. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!! rasanya tak terlambat lagi kot... kalau dah lambat pun diam2 je lah. hehe. resolusi tahun baruku untuk 2009 adalah:
  1. talk less (macam tak possible je)
  2. get a side income (well, other than my scholarship)
  3. go shopping at least once a month (selama ni aku shopping masa raya je... ohh i am so not a typical woman)
  4. get a ... oh, let that remain personal :P

i want to start living my life. well, i did live my life last year. it's just that... i wanna be more open and positive to opportunities and chances in life. i don't wanna get stucked, worrying over consequences and possibilities. well, little exceptions for obvious consequences okay? i mean, if i know that i'm gonna die after jumping off a tall building, buat apa aku ngada2 nk cuba? i always hesitate, although i always tell my friends not to.

i want to start grabbing all opportunities. i want to start looking for challenges in life. i want to be able to be proud of my achievements in life. well, most people would not have guessed that i actually had very narrow opinio about life. last year i was somehow too obsessed with my responsibilities and obligations. i always tell myself that i have no time for bullshits. i can die anytime and thus, i wanna make sure that i have done everything i need to do.

but hey, that's wrong! i can die anytime so i must ensure that i die with satisfaction.
sebab hari ini belum tentu bisa berulang...

cheers :)
enjoy life while you still can ( i mean it!)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

oh don't get me started...

sejak2 duk umah ni.. aku ulang alik dari rumah ke uitm dan aku hari2 membebel pasal benda yang sama. okay, let me firstly define "membebel". i don't nag, OK. don't get me wrong. i am not a nagger. apabila bicara tentang "membebel", kena consider satu faktor iaitu dengan siapa aku berada. kalau aku berada bersama orang pendiam, memang aku tengah membebel la sebab orang tu jarang2 respon (dah kata pendiam kan...). kalau aku dengan abah yang memang takkan senyap tu, ia akan dikira sebagai "perbincangan".

okeh. since i travel with my abah eveyday, it is considered as a "discussion". setiap hari juga kitorang akan lalu highway. one thing that i notice about Malaysian drivers is that they are always in the middle lane although they speed at 60km/h only. uhh.. hello? kalau dah lambat tu buat lah cara lambat. it's 8.00 am and you're still on the road. office starts at 8.3o or 9.00 am. what time do you wanna reach your office? don't tell me you want to reach ON TIME because as far as i'm concern, a NORMAL human needs at least 5 minutes to cool down after a journey before starts to work. adoi... nampak sangat la selalu punch card warna merah diorang ni.

another annoying thing is that no matter how clear the road is, they never want to speed. it is as though they have nothing to rush for. dah clear, jalan je la. apa la diorang buat kat depan tu... ohhhh.. baru aku perasan. oh ada orang kereta rosak kat depan. PATUT LA DIORANG SLOW DOWN. adoii.. kalau nk tolong takpe la jugak. setakat tolong tengok je baik tak payah. tak ada pahala pun tolong tengok. alih2 kat office dia kata "boss, sorry lambat. tadi ada kereta rosak".. TIPU!!!! bukan kat tengah jalan pun.. kat emergency lane kan. yang pergi slow down terhegeh2 semata2 nak menyaksikan kesusahan orang tu buat apa??? alaaa tension btol. one of my abah's frens pernah kata "senang je nk bikin jam... lu park kereta kat tepi, bukak boot depan and baca surat khabar.. memang gerenti jalan akan jam!" haha. good one, uncle. kalau nk tambah jam lagi, bawak ais kering, letak dalam bekas yang ada air, sorok sebelah tayar. nnt nampak la macam kereta kuar asap. laaaagi best!

**jangan tak tau, kat rawang lain pulak cerita. jalan sesak hanya disebabkan ORANG JUAL CENDAWAN!!!


cheers :)
enjoy life while you still can